Juicy Bites

Juicy Bites


      Juicy Bites are irresistibly moist, bite-sized soft tuna and chicken treats seasoned with natural flavors, green tea extract and vitamin E.

       Each treat pack has two fun shapes in two different Flavors to keep all cats satisfied.

      All about Juicy Bites:

      ・ Bite-sized soft tuna and chicken treats

      ・ No grains, preservatives, or artificial colours

      ・ Contains 3 packs

      ・ 2 different flavours in one pack Made with Wholesome Ingredients

      Our Juicy Bites start with either farm-raised chicken or wild-caught tuna and we've kept all the bad stuff out of them.

      • Grain-Free
      • Preservative-Free
      • Carrageenan-Free
      • Free From Artificial Colours
      • Fun Shapes

      Each pack comes with two flavours in each pouch. These bite-sized morsels have fun shapes that can be given by hand to interact with your cat. They can also be used for clicker training or smoosh a pill into one of the bites to help disguise medication. However you choose to feed, Inaba makes snack time fun for you and your cat.

       Tasty Treats

      These moist treats have 71% moisture and each pack is only 15 calories. We've also added Vitamin E with help aid their immune system and Green Tea Extract for its antioxidant properties. You can feel good about feeding these to your kitty.