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Churu Time

🐱 Does your cat give you the 'waiting for the next Churu' look too? 😹 It's a masterclass in patience! Just one more squeeze, and they'll be in feline heaven.

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Introducing New Dashi Delights

Your cat’s best diet

Unleash the umami madness with your cats✨😻

The new Dashi Delights is based on a traditional Japanese recipe. Let your cat enjoy healthy, high-quality food 🐾💕

Natural ingredients - Always fresh - No preservatives or artificial colours.

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Taste the umami

New ✨Dashi Delights✨

Treat your cat to a healthy meal full of flavor.

Made from Japanese Dashi broth with bonito flakes 🇯🇵🐟

Natural ingredients🌿

Full of umami for your cat to enjoy

Dashi Delights🐱

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Dashi Broth

NEW Dashi Delights - Concentrated umami to delight your cat.🐱Can you imagine having a supplement for your cat's food made from Dashi broth of bonito flakes 🥣🐾😺.This is the base that makes up our new ✨Dashi Delights✨.8 new flavors with all the taste of natural ingredients.🍽️No preservatives or artificial colors.✌️Have you tried them yet?

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Your Favourites

Natural grain free & utterly irresistible Churu treats for cats & dogs.

Churu® is the luxuriously creamy, lickable puree treat that cats & dogs all over the world go crazy for.

Exceptionally palatable and made with super high quality ingredients, you can see the difference in texture and smell with our treats, your pets can certainly taste the difference.

As well as our lick-able Churu tubes your pets can enjoy Churu wrapped in succulent chicken breast in stick shaped rolls or bite sized pieces.


Good enough to eat...

We have been making food for humans since 1805 and all our treats are made in our state-of-the-art facilities with the best quality, sustainably sourced ingredients.

Extra goodness...

All of our treats have added functional ingredients like Green Tea Extract, Natural Collagen and Vitamin E.

Fresh & tasty...

Our packaging technology ensures our treats stay soft and moist without artificial preservatives until your pet is ready to enjoy them.

My cat simply adores Churus...

My cat likes her treats... but she *really* goes nuts over Inaba Churus. I have to be really strict and limit her to just one or two tubes (usually as a night-time snack) or she'd be begging for Churus all the time!


My Kitten absolutely adores this! She meows for it everyday!!!! I cannot stress how happy I am that I came across this brand! :)

Amazing Customer Service!! :)

Now my kitten meows for it everyday and I will order more today as I'm low of it!The amazing customer service also makes me keep ordering more too!Thank you Inabafoods for going above and beyond! :)

Mr Pibbles Loves Churu

Cats love churu!

In our independent feeding trial almost 100% of cats choose to consume Churu*